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ANCHOR DOWN       ultra

The smallest state's longest races. 

6 hour, 12 hour & 24 hour ultramarathons

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Entry Fees


$110 plus processing fee


$155 plus processing fee

24-Hour :

$185 plus processing fee

(Please familiarize yourself with the qualification standards so you can plan your entry strategy).


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Once each race has been filled to capacity, the wait list will be activated. Athletes that are allowed entry onto the wait list will be notified by February if they've been granted entry or not. We believe in a fair, realistic wait list. In other words, we shut the wait list down each year once the wait list has become full-enough such that keeping it open longer would provide an unrealistic expectation of potential entry for further entrants. So if you're on the wait list, you have a realistic chance of entry into the ADU. If you are granted a spot on the wait list, your credit card is not charged. You are not charged for your entry until you have been accepted into the ADU. 


Registration in the ADU is FINAL under all circumstances. ADU reaches capacity incredibly quickly each year. To maintain the competitive integrity of the event and to prevent "spot holding" we do not offer refunds of any kind. Please understand there are absolutely NO REFUNDS, NO DEFERRALS and NO BIB TRANSFERS. 


Also, once registration is closed on this site, there is absolutely no entry under any circumstances.  

Thank you for your understanding. These strict policies are for the betterment of the race experience at ADU, and the financial sustainability of this event.

*A donation to a Rhode Island based non-profit or community initiative of race management's choosing is embedded into registration each year. Thanks for supporting the beautiful place ADU calls home.  

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