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ANCHOR DOWN       ultra

The smallest state's longest races. 

6 hour, 12 hour & 24 hour ultramarathons

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100 Mile Club 


True to the tradition of ultrarunning, Anchor Down Ultra is meant to serve as an immense challenge for the most hardened runner. It's a grinding course under the challenging summer conditions, and competing in any of the three events is an accomplishment. However, there are some that toe the starting line with the dream of conquering the legendary 100 mile distance in under 24 hours. To those, this page is dedicated. 

Cheers to the following 100 Mile Finishers, who have met the ultimate achievement on the shores of Narragansett Bay. The following have covered 100 miles or more is less than 24 hours at the Anchor Down Ultramarathon. We congratulate those who have gone the distance.   

(Multiple ADU 100 finishes noted with * for each finish.) (Course record holders noted and listed first.)

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Mark Blakeley, MA

100.45 miles in 2021 race

110.25 miles in 2022 race


Craig Coleman, NJ

110.25 miles in 2019 race


Hanna Littlefield, MA

100.45 miles in 2019 race


Michael Obara, RI

100.45 miles in 2021 race

Brendan Chambers, MA

102.90 miles in 2022 race

Ryan Pelletier, MA

100.45 miles in 2022 race

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