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6 hour, 12 hour & 24 hour ultramarathons


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Results and Race Data

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All-Time Distances Run at ADU

(A collection of the distances run by all athletes, every year, listed alphabetically.) 

Yearly Results

Course Records

6-Hour Women’s Race: 

*Diane Keenan, 2015 Race, 36.9 Miles

*Diane’s 36.9 mile run was on the 2015 course. Considering this course provided a “shorter loop” by a slight amount, we would consider a slightly shorter-run to “tie” this record, considering the advantage Diane had in the 2015 race. However Diane also holds the runner-up distance of 34.3 miles during the 2016 race, along with Maureen Darmanin who covered 34.3 miles during the 2018 race, both on the longer loop that was instituted in the 2016 ADU and beyond. Therefore, both women’s races are currently honored as “Course Records”.

6-Hour Men’s Race:

Taylor Days-Merrill, 2016 Race, 44.1 Miles

12-Hour Women’s Race:

Diane Keenan, 2018 Race, 63.7 Miles

12-Hour Men’s Race:

Joe Baldasare, 2023 Race, 71.05 Miles

24-Hour Women’s Race: 

Kathy Jacques, 2023 Race, 105.35 Miles 

24-Hour Men’s Race: 

Chris Cappellini, 2016 Race, 129.85 Miles

Top Performances

(A collection of the all-time best performances in each division, listed in order of distance-run, updated annually.)

100 Mile Finishers

(A complete list of 100 mile finishes at ADU, including records of multiple 100 mile finishers, updated annually.)

Yearly Heat/Humidity Data at the ADU

Year of Competition Peak Heat Peak Humidity Dates of Race
2015 87* 87% 8/14 through 8/15
2016 82* 90% 8/19 through 8/20
2017 91* 100% 8/18 through 8/19
2018 86* 96% 8/17 through 8/18
2019 79* 100% 8/16 through 8/17
2021 90* 91% 8/13 through 8/14
2022 81* 81% 8/12 through 8/13
2023 82* 90% 8/11 through 8/12