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ANCHOR DOWN       ultra

The smallest state's longest races. 

6 hour, 12 hour & 24 hour ultramarathons

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-   VOLUNTEER for ANCHOR DOWN    ultra  -

There are difficult races, and then there is Anchor Down. 

Held strategically on the hottest weekend of the year, the Anchor Down Ultra is meant to give athletes an opportunity to test themselves against truly difficult conditions and competition. 

Being a part of an athlete's Anchor Down Ultra can be truly rewarding, as you share in their adventure in this incredibly difficult experience. After all, on the other side of great challenges come life's greatest rewards. 

Our mission is simple... we aim to get as many of these athletes to their perspective finish lines as possible, so they may always look back on the ADU as mountain they were able to conquer. 


Sign up for volunteering by using the volunteer sign-up form.

We look forward to working alongside you at this year's ADU! 

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